The Rallycross Patriarchs consist of rallycross legends whose children became drivers too.

Olivier BossardEdit

Olivier Bossard and his son Steven have both won rounds of the European Rallycross championship, becoming only the second father and son, after Kenneth and Kevin Hansen, to do so.

John ButtonEdit

John Button was a successful rallycross driver in his native Britain, and his son Jenson became the Formula One world champion in 2009.

Pat DoranEdit

His son Liam Doran is a World Rallycross Championship racer.

Bjorn EkstromEdit

Matthias' father.

Kenneth HansenEdit

He and his wife Susann Hansen (nee Bergvall), have had two children, Timmy and Kevin Hansen who became drivers in the World Rally Championship and JRX Cup respectively.

Jean-Luc PaillerEdit

1993 European Champion, Jean-Luc Pailler had three rallycrossing sons, Mikaël, Fabien and Jonathan. Despite the untimely death of Mikaël in January of 2007, the other two Pailler brothers, and Jean-Luc, were undeterred by this bereavement and are still active in their field and their national circuits.

Franz WurzEdit

Franz Wurz, whose son Alexander became a Formula One driver, has won three titles in European Rallycross.